Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.state

Interface Summary
ItemStateCache An ItemStateCache maintains a cache of ItemState instances.
ItemStateListener The ItemStateListener interface allows an implementing object to be informed about changes on an ItemState.
ItemStateManager The ItemStateManager interface provides methods for retrieving ItemState and NodeReferences instances by id.
ItemStateStore ItemStateStore is similar to a typed Map:

An ItemStateStore temporarily stores and retrieves ItemState instances using their ItemIds as key.

NodeStateIterator NodeStateIterator extends the Iterator interface by the respective NodeState methods.
NodeStateListener Extends the ItemStateListener allowing a client to be additionally informed about changes on a NodeState.
PersistenceManager Persistence manager interface.
UpdatableItemStateManager Identifies an ItemStateManager that allows updating items.

Class Summary
AbstractPersistenceManager Implementation PersistenceManager that handles some concepts.
ChangeLog Registers changes made to states and references and consolidates empty changes.
ItemState ItemState represents the state of an Item.
ItemStateMap A Map based ItemStateStore implementation.
ItemStateReferenceCache ItemStateReferenceCache internally consists of 2 components: an ItemStateReferenceMap serving as the primary (or main) cache; it holds weak references to ItemState instances.
ItemStateReferenceMap ItemStateReferenceMap is a specialized ItemStateMap that stores WEAK references to ItemState objects.
LocalItemStateManager Local ItemStateManager that isolates changes to persistent states from other clients.
LRUItemStateCache An ItemStateCache implementation that internally uses a LRUMap to maintain a cache of ItemState objects.
NodeReferences NodeReferences represents the references (i.e.
NodeReferencesId Identifies a NodeReferences object.
NodeState NodeState represents the state of a Node.
NodeState.ChildNodeEntry ChildNodeEntry specifies the name, index (in the case of same-name siblings) and the UUID of a child node entry.
PMContext A PMContext is used to provide context information for a PersistenceManager.
PropertyState PropertyState represents the state of a Property.
SessionItemStateManager SessionItemStateManager ...
SharedItemStateManager Shared ItemStateManager (SISM).
XAItemStateManager Extension to LocalItemStateManager that remembers changes on multiple save() requests and commits them only when an associated transaction is itself committed.

Exception Summary
ItemStateException The ItemStateException ...
NoSuchItemStateException The NoSuchItemStateException ...
StaleItemStateException Signals that an item has been modified externally and that the item state representing it has thus become stale.

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