Interface Summary
NamespaceListener Receives notifications when a namespace mapping changes.
NamespaceResolver Interface for resolving namespace URIs and prefixes.

Class Summary
AbstractNamespaceResolver Provides default implementations for the methods: AbstractNamespaceResolver.getQName(String) AbstractNamespaceResolver.getJCRName(QName) Subclasses may overwrite those methods with more efficient implementations e.g.
Path The Path utility class provides misc.
Path.PathBuilder Internal helper class used to build a path from pre-parsed path elements.
Path.PathElement Object representation of a single JCR path element.
QName Qualified name.
SessionNamespaceResolver helper class that exposes the NamespaceResolver interface on a Session

Exception Summary
IllegalNameException Thrown when an illegal JCR name string is encountered.
MalformedPathException Thrown when a malformed JCR path string is encountered.
NameException Base class for exceptions about malformed or otherwise invalid JCR names and paths.
NoPrefixDeclaredException Thrown when the namespace prefix of a qualified name is not found.
UnknownPrefixException Thrown when a JCR name string with an unknown prefix is encountered.

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