Package org.apache.jackrabbit.util

Class Summary
Base64 Base64 provides Base64 encoding/decoding of strings and streams.
ChildrenCollector ChildrenCollector is a utility class which can be used to 'collect' child elements of a node.
ChildrenCollectorFilter ChildrenCollectorFilter is a utility class which can be used to 'collect' child items of a node whose names match a certain pattern.
ISO8601 The ISO8601 utility class provides helper methods to deal with date/time formatting using a specific ISO8601-compliant format (see ISO 8601).
ISO9075 Implements the encode and decode routines as specified for XML name to SQL identifier conversion in ISO 9075-14:2003.
If a character c is not valid at a certain position in an XML 1.0 NCName it is encoded in the form: '_x' + hexValueOf(c) + '_'

Note that only the local part of a QName is encoded / decoded.

IteratorHelper IteratorHelper is a utility class which wraps an iterator and implements the various typed iterator interfaces.
LazyFileInputStream This Class implements an InputStream that provides the same functionality as a FileInputStream but opens the file by the first file access.
Text This Class provides some text related utilities
TransientFileFactory The TransientFileFactory utility class can be used to create transient files, i.e.
WeakIdentityCollection WeakIdentityCollection implements a Collection with weak values.

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