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 class DatabaseJournal
          Database-based journal implementation.
 class FileJournal
          File-based journal implementation that appends journal records to a single file.

It is configured through the following properties: directory: the directory where to keep the journal file as well as the rotated files; this is a required property with no default value basename: the basename of journal files; the default value is FileJournal.DEFAULT_BASENAME maximumSize: the maximum size of an active journal file before rotating it: the default value is FileJournal.DEFAULT_MAXSIZE


Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.core.journal with parameters of type AbstractJournal
AppendRecord(AbstractJournal journal, String producerId)
          Create a new instance of this class.
DefaultRecordProducer(AbstractJournal journal, String id)
          Create a new instance of this class.

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