Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.journal

Interface Summary
Journal Generic journal interface.
Record Record interface.
RecordConsumer Listener interface on a journal that gets called back for records that should be consumed.
RecordIterator RecordIterator interface.
RecordProducer Produces new records that can be appended to the journal.

Class Summary
AbstractJournal Base journal implementation.
AbstractRecord Base implementation for a record.
AppendRecord Default temporary record used for appending to some journal.
DatabaseJournal Database-based journal implementation.
DefaultRecordProducer Produces new records that can be appended to the journal.
FileJournal File-based journal implementation that appends journal records to a single file.

It is configured through the following properties: directory: the directory where to keep the journal file as well as the rotated files; this is a required property with no default value basename: the basename of journal files; the default value is FileJournal.DEFAULT_BASENAME maximumSize: the maximum size of an active journal file before rotating it: the default value is FileJournal.DEFAULT_MAXSIZE

FileRevision Maintains a file-based revision counter with locking, assuring uniqueness.

Exception Summary
JournalException The JournalException signals an error within a journal operation.

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