Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.persistence.bundle.util

Interface Summary
StringIndex The StringIndex defines a very simple interface that mapps strings to an integer and vice versa.

Class Summary
BundleBinding This Class implements efficient serialization methods for item states.
BundleCache This Class implements a simple cache for nodeprop bundles
DbNameIndex Implements a StringIndex that stores and retrieves the names from a table in a database.
ErrorHandling ErrorHandling configuration abstraction class
HashMapIndex Implements a StringIndex that is based on a hashmap and persists the names as property file.
ItemStateBinding This Class implements relatively efficient serialization methods for item states.
LRUNodeIdCache Implements a LRU NodeId cache.
NamespaceIndex Implements a string index that is based on the namespace indexes of the namespace registry.
NGKDbNameIndex Same as DbNameIndex but does not make use of the Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS feature as it might not be provided by the underlying database (e.g.
NodePropBundle This Class provides a simple structure to hold the nodestate and related propertystate data.
NodePropBundle.ChildNodeEntry Helper class for a child node entry
NodePropBundle.PropertyEntry Helper class for a property enrty
TrackingInputStream Implements a input stream that keeps track of the number of bytes read.

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