Interface Summary
NameCache The name cache defines an interface that is used by the NameFormat and is usually implemented by NamespaceResolvers.
NamePathResolver Combined name and path resolver.
NameResolver Resolver for prefixed JCR names and namespace-qualified QNames.
NamespaceListener Receives notifications when a namespace mapping changes.
NamespaceResolver Interface for resolving namespace URIs and prefixes.
PathResolver Resolver for JCR paths.

Class Summary
AbstractNamespaceResolver Provides default implementations for the methods: AbstractNamespaceResolver.getQName(String) AbstractNamespaceResolver.getJCRName(QName) Subclasses may overwrite those methods with more efficient implementations e.g.
CachingNameResolver Name resolver decorator that uses a generational cache to speed up parsing and formatting of JCR names.
CachingPathResolver Path resolver decorator that uses a generational cache to speed up parsing and formatting of JCR paths.
NameFormat NameFormat provides methods for formatting and parsing names.
ParsingNameResolver Name resolver that parsers and formats prefixed JCR names.
ParsingPathResolver Path resolver that parsers and formats prefixed JCR paths.
Path The Path utility class provides misc.
Path.PathBuilder Internal helper class used to build a path from pre-parsed path elements.
Path.PathElement Object representation of a single JCR path element.
PathFormat PathFormat formats a Path using a NamespaceResolver.
QName Qualified name.
SessionNamespaceResolver helper class that exposes the NamespaceResolver interface on a Session

Exception Summary
IllegalNameException Thrown when an illegal JCR name string is encountered.
MalformedPathException Thrown when a malformed JCR path string is encountered.
NameException Base class for exceptions about malformed or otherwise invalid JCR names and paths.
NoPrefixDeclaredException Thrown when the namespace prefix of a qualified name is not found.
UnknownPrefixException Thrown when a JCR name string with an unknown prefix is encountered.

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