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Packages that use ExportContext The jackrabbit webdav server uses the classes defined in this package in order to perform import and export operations in order to respond to PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH and PROPFIND, GET, HEAD requests, respectively. 

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Subinterfaces of ExportContext in
 interface PropertyExportContext
          PropertyExportContext represents a marker interface to distinguish the ExportContext (which is mainly used to export data and some fundamental properties) from a context that is used to export properties only.

Classes in that implement ExportContext
 class AbstractExportContext
          AbstractExportContext covers methods common to most ExportContext implementations.
 class ExportContextImpl
          ExportContextImpl implements an ExportContext that wraps around the specified OutputContext as it was passed to DavResource.spool(OutputContext).

Methods in with parameters of type ExportContext
 boolean XmlHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean ZipHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean DefaultHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Returns true if the export root is a node and if it contains a child node with name jcr:content in case this export is not intended for a collection.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Returns true, if this handler can run a successful export based on the specified context.
 boolean DefaultHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOHandler.canExport(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Returns true, if this handler can run a successful export based on the specified context and resource.
 boolean DefaultHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Retrieves the content node that will be used for exporting properties and data and calls the corresponding methods.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOManagerImpl.exportContent(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOManager.exportContent(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Passes the specified information to the IOHandlers present on this manager.
 boolean IOHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Runs the export for the given context.
 boolean DefaultHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Same as (@link IOHandler#exportContent(ExportContext, boolean)} where the boolean values is defined by DavResource.isCollection().
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOManagerImpl.exportContent(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOManager.exportContent(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Passes the specified information to the IOHandlers present on this manager.
 boolean IOHandler.exportContent(ExportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Runs the export for the given context and resource.
protected  void XmlHandler.exportData(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  void ZipHandler.exportData(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  void DefaultHandler.exportData(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
          Checks if the given content node contains a jcr:data property and spools its value to the output stream fo the export context.
Please note, that subclasses that define a different structure of the content node should create their own exportData method.
protected  void XmlHandler.exportProperties(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  void DefaultHandler.exportProperties(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
          Retrieves mimetype, encoding and modification time from the content node.
protected  Node DefaultHandler.getContentNode(ExportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Retrieves the content node that contains the data to be exported.

Uses of ExportContext in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that return ExportContext
protected  ExportContext DavResourceImpl.getExportContext(OutputContext outputCtx)
          Returns a new ExportContext

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