Package org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.observation

Class Summary
AbstractObservationTest This class implements the basic AbstractObservationTest.setUp() and AbstractJCRTest.tearDown() methods for the observation test cases.
AddEventListenerTest Tests the options for addEventListener().
EventIteratorTest Tests the methods the following methods: RangeIterator.getSize() RangeIterator.getPosition() RangeIterator.skip(long)

Configuration requirements are:
The AbstractJCRTest.testRoot must allow child nodes of type AbstractJCRTest.testNodeType.

EventResult Utility class for Event retrieval with an EventListener.
EventTest Tests methods on the Event interface.
GetRegisteredEventListenersTest Tests the method ObservationManager.getRegisteredEventListeners().
LockingTest Tests if locking a node triggers property added events for jcr:lockOwner and jcr:lockIsDeep.
NodeAddedTest Test cases for Event.NODE_ADDED events.
NodeMovedTest Tests if Session.move(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) operations trigger the appropriate observation events.
NodeRemovedTest Test cases for Event.NODE_REMOVED events.
NodeReorderTest Tests if Node.orderBefore(String, String) operations trigger the appropriate observation events.
PropertyAddedTest Test cases for Event.PROPERTY_ADDED events.
PropertyChangedTest Test cases for Event.PROPERTY_CHANGED events.
PropertyRemovedTest Test cases for Event.PROPERTY_REMOVED events.
TestAll Test suite that includes all testcases for the Observation module.
WorkspaceOperationTest Tests if workspace operations trigger the appropriate observation events.

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