Package org.apache.jackrabbit.test

Class Summary
AbstractJCRTest Abstract base class for all JCR test classes.
ISO8601 The ISO8601 utility class provides helper methods to deal with date/time formatting using a specific ISO8601-compliant format (see ISO 8601).
JCRTestResult Extends the standard JUnit TestResult class.
JCRTestSuite Test suite that includes all the JCR API tests
JNDIRepositoryStub Implements the abstract class RepositoryStub and uses JNDI to obtain a javax.jcr.Repository instance.
JUnitTest Abstract base class for any JUnit test case.
LogPrintWriter Implements a PrintWriter which allows to alternatively plug in a Writer or a Logger.
RepositoryHelper Utility class to get access to Session instances.
RepositoryStub The RepositoryStub is the entry point to the JCR Repository for the TCK Test harness.
XMLChar This class defines the basic XML character properties.

Exception Summary
NotExecutableException This exception indicates that a test case cannot be executed due to missing data or if the repository does not have the ability to perform the test.

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