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Packages that use DavException
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr Contains JCR specific implementations. 
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.version Contains JCR specific implementations for the following interfaces: VersionableResource VersionControlledResource VersionResource VersionHistoryResource Contains JCR specific reports. 
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.lock Provides interfaces and classes for locking related issues. 
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.observation Contains interfaces and classes related to observation, which is not covered by the WebDAV protocol. 
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.ordering Contains interfaces and classes used to cover the functionality defined by the RFC 3648: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Ordered Collections Protocol Contains interfaces and classes used to cover the functionality defined by the Internet Draft WebDAV Search   
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.transaction Contains interfaces and classes related to transaction locks. 
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version Interfaces and classes used to cover functionality defined by RFC 3253: Versioning Extensions to WebDAV Report interface and inplementation for default reports defined by RFC 3253. 

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.server

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.server that throw DavException
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doAcl(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The ACL method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doBaselineControl(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The BASELINECONTROL method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doCheckin(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The CHECKIN method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doCheckout(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The CHECKOUT method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doCopy(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The COPY method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doDelete(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The DELETE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doLabel(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The LABEL method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doLock(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The LOCK method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doMerge(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The MERGE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doMkActivity(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The MKACTIVITY method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doMkCol(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The MKCOL method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doMkWorkspace(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The MKWORKSPACE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doMove(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The MOVE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doOptions(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The OPTION method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doOrderPatch(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The ORDERPATCH method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doPoll(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The POLL method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doPost(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The POST method.
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doPropFind(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The PROPFIND method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doPropPatch(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The PROPPATCH method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doPut(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The PUT method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doReport(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The REPORT method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doSearch(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The SEARCH method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doSubscribe(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The SUBSCRIBE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doUncheckout(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The UNCHECKOUT method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doUnlock(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The UNLOCK method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doUnsubscribe(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The UNSUBSCRIBE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doUpdate(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The UPDATE method
protected  void AbstractWebdavServlet.doVersionControl(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, DavResource resource)
          The VERSION-CONTROL method
protected  boolean AbstractWebdavServlet.execute(WebdavRequest request, WebdavResponse response, int method, DavResource resource)
          Executes the respective method in the given webdav context

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.server.jcr

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.server.jcr that throw DavException
 boolean JCRWebdavServer.attachSession(WebdavRequest request)
          Acquires a DavSession either from the session cache or creates a new one by login to the repository.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav with parameters of type DavException
 void WebdavResponseImpl.sendError(DavException exception)
          If the specifid exception provides an error condition an Xml response body is sent providing more detailed information about the error.
 void DavServletResponse.sendError(DavException error)
          Send a response body given more detailed information about the error occured.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav that throw DavException
 void DavResource.addMember(DavResource resource, InputContext inputContext)
          Add the given resource as an internal member to this resource.
 MultiStatusResponse DavResource.alterProperties(DavPropertySet setProperties, DavPropertyNameSet removePropertyNames)
          Deprecated. use DavResource.alterProperties(List) instead
 MultiStatusResponse DavResource.alterProperties(List changeList)
          Set/add and remove the specified properties from this resource.
 boolean DavSessionProvider.attachSession(WebdavRequest request)
          Acquires a DavSession.
 void DavResource.copy(DavResource destination, boolean shallow)
          Copy this DavResource to the given destination resource
 DavResource DavResourceFactory.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavServletRequest request, DavServletResponse response)
          Create a DavResource object from the given locator, request and response objects.
 DavResource DavResourceFactory.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavSession session)
          Create a new DavResource object from the given locator and session.
 LabelInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getLabelInfo()
 LockInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getLockInfo()
          LockInfo object encapsulating the information passed with a LOCK request if the LOCK request body was valid.
 LockInfo DavServletRequest.getLockInfo()
          Return the parsed 'lockinfo' request body, the Timeout header and the Depth header of a LOCK request as LockInfo object.
 MergeInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getMergeInfo()
 OptionsInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getOptionsInfo()
 OrderPatch WebdavRequestImpl.getOrderPatch()
 DavPropertyNameSet WebdavRequestImpl.getPropFindProperties()
          Returns the set of properties requested by the PROPFIND body or an empty set if the type is either 'allprop' or 'propname'.
 DavPropertyNameSet DavServletRequest.getPropFindProperties()
          Return the set of properties the client requested with a PROPFIND request or an empty set if the type of PROPFIND request was DavConstants.PROPFIND_ALL_PROP or DavConstants.PROPFIND_PROPERTY_NAMES.
 int WebdavRequestImpl.getPropFindType()
          Returns the type of PROPFIND as indicated by the request body.
 int DavServletRequest.getPropFindType()
          Return the type of PROPFIND request as indicated by the PROPFIND request body.
 List WebdavRequestImpl.getPropPatchChangeList()
          Return a List of property change operations.
 List DavServletRequest.getPropPatchChangeList()
          Return a List of property change operations.
 DavPropertyNameSet WebdavRequestImpl.getPropPatchRemoveProperties()
          Deprecated. use WebdavRequestImpl.getPropPatchChangeList() instead
 DavPropertyNameSet DavServletRequest.getPropPatchRemoveProperties()
          Deprecated. use DavServletRequest.getPropPatchChangeList() instead
 DavPropertySet WebdavRequestImpl.getPropPatchSetProperties()
          Deprecated. use WebdavRequestImpl.getPropPatchChangeList() instead
 DavPropertySet DavServletRequest.getPropPatchSetProperties()
          Deprecated. use DavServletRequest.getPropPatchChangeList() instead
 ReportInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getReportInfo()
 Document WebdavRequestImpl.getRequestDocument()
 Document DavServletRequest.getRequestDocument()
          Parse the Xml request body and return a Document.
 SubscriptionInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getSubscriptionInfo()
 TransactionInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getTransactionInfo()
 UpdateInfo WebdavRequestImpl.getUpdateInfo()
 ActiveLock DavResource.lock(LockInfo reqLockInfo)
          Lock this webdav resource with the information retrieve from the request and return the resulting lockdiscovery object.
 void DavResource.move(DavResource destination)
          Move this DavResource to the given destination resource
 ActiveLock DavResource.refreshLock(LockInfo reqLockInfo, String lockToken)
          Refresh an existing lock by resetting the timeout.
 void DavResource.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Removes the specified member from this resource.
 void DavResource.removeProperty(DavPropertyName propertyName)
          Remove the specified property from this resource.
 void DavResource.setProperty(DavProperty property)
          Add/Set the specified property on this resource.
 void DavResource.unlock(String lockToken)
          Remove the lock indentified by the included lock token from this resource.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.client.methods

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.client.methods that return DavException
 DavException PropPatchMethod.getResponseException()
 DavException DavMethodBase.getResponseException()
 DavException DavMethod.getResponseException()
          Builds a DavException for the status line and the DAV:error element that may be present in the response body.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.client.methods that throw DavException
 void DavMethodBase.checkSuccess()
 void DavMethod.checkSuccess()
 EventDiscovery PollMethod.getResponseAsEventDiscovery()
 LockDiscovery LockMethod.getResponseAsLockDiscovery()
 SubscriptionDiscovery SubscribeMethod.getResponseAsSubscriptionDiscovery()
 MultiStatus DavMethodBase.getResponseBodyAsMultiStatus()
 MultiStatus DavMethod.getResponseBodyAsMultiStatus()
          Return the response body as MultiStatus object.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr

Subclasses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr
 class JcrDavException
          JcrDavException extends the DavException in order to wrap various repository exceptions.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr that throw DavException
 void DefaultItemResource.addMember(DavResource resource, InputContext inputContext)
          Method is not allowed.
 void RootCollection.addMember(DavResource resource, InputContext inputContext)
          Throws exception: 403 Forbidden.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.addMember(DavResource resource, InputContext inputContext)
          Throws 403 exception (Forbidden)
 void DefaultItemCollection.addMember(DavResource resource, InputContext inputContext)
          If the specified resource represents a collection, a new node is added to the item represented by this resource.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.addVersionControl()
 void VersionControlledItemCollection.addVersionControl()
          Adds version control to this resource.
 MultiStatusResponse DefaultItemResource.alterProperties(List changeList)
          Loops over the given List and alters the properties accordingly.
 MultiStatusResponse WorkspaceResourceImpl.alterProperties(List changeList)
          Handles an attempt to set ItemResourceConstants.JCR_NAMESPACES and forwards any other set or remove requests to the super class.
 MultiStatusResponse DefaultItemCollection.alterProperties(List changeList)
          Loops over the given Lists and alters the properties accordingly.
 MultiStatusResponse VersionControlledItemCollection.alterProperties(List changeList)
static void JcrDavSession.checkImplementation(DavSession davSession)
 String WorkspaceResourceImpl.checkin()
 String VersionControlledItemCollection.checkin()
          Calls Node.checkin() on the underlying repository node.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.checkout()
 void VersionControlledItemCollection.checkout()
          Calls Node.checkout() on the underlying repository node.
 DavResource DavResourceFactoryImpl.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavServletRequest request, DavServletResponse response)
          Create a new DavResource from the specified locator and request objects.
 DavResource DavResourceFactoryImpl.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavSession session)
          Create a new DavResource from the given locator and session.
static Session JcrDavSession.getRepositorySession(DavSession davSession)
 VersionHistoryResource WorkspaceResourceImpl.getVersionHistory()
 VersionHistoryResource VersionControlledItemCollection.getVersionHistory()
          Returns the VersionHistory associated with the repository node.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.label(LabelInfo labelInfo)
 void VersionControlledItemCollection.label(LabelInfo labelInfo)
          Modify the labels present with the versions of this resource.
 ActiveLock DefaultItemCollection.lock(LockInfo reqLockInfo)
          Creates a lock on this resource by locking the underlying node.
 MultiStatus WorkspaceResourceImpl.merge(MergeInfo mergeInfo)
 MultiStatus VersionControlledItemCollection.merge(MergeInfo mergeInfo)
          Merge the repository node represented by this resource according to the information present in the given MergeInfo object.
 void DefaultItemCollection.orderMembers(OrderPatch orderPatch)
          Reorder the child nodes of the repository item represented by this resource as indicated by the specified OrderPatch object.
 ActiveLock DefaultItemCollection.refreshLock(LockInfo reqLockInfo, String lockToken)
          Refreshes the lock on this resource.
 void DefaultItemResource.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Method is not allowed.
 void RootCollection.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Throws exception: 403 Forbidden.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Throws 403 exception (Forbidden)
 void DefaultItemCollection.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Removes the repository item represented by the specified member resource.
 void DefaultItemResource.removeProperty(DavPropertyName propertyName)
          Removing properties is not allowed, for a single-value JCR-property without a value does not exist.
 void DefaultItemCollection.removeProperty(DavPropertyName propertyName)
          This implementation of the DavResource does only allow to remove the mixinnodetypes property.
 void DefaultItemResource.setProperty(DavProperty property)
          Sets the given property.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.setProperty(DavProperty property)
          Allows to alter the registered namespaces (ItemResourceConstants.JCR_NAMESPACES) and forwards any other property to the super class.

Note that again no property status is set.

 void DefaultItemCollection.setProperty(DavProperty property)
          This implementation of the DavResource does only allow to set the mixinnodetypes property.
 void WorkspaceResourceImpl.uncheckout()
 void VersionControlledItemCollection.uncheckout()
          Not implemented.
 void DefaultItemCollection.unlock(String lockToken)
          Remove the write lock from this resource by unlocking the underlying node.
 MultiStatus WorkspaceResourceImpl.update(UpdateInfo updateInfo)
          While RFC 3253 does not define any version-related operations for the workspace resource, this implementation uses VersionControlledResource.update(UpdateInfo) to map Workspace.restore(javax.jcr.version.Version[], boolean) to a WebDAV call.
 MultiStatus VersionControlledItemCollection.update(UpdateInfo updateInfo)
          Perform an update on this resource.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.observation

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.observation that throw DavException
static int SubscriptionImpl.getJcrEventType(EventType eventType)
          Static utility method to convert an EventType as present in the Xml body into the corresponding JCR event constant defined by Event.
 EventDiscovery SubscriptionManagerImpl.poll(String subscriptionId, long timeout, ObservationResource resource)
          Retrieve all event bundles accumulated since for the subscription specified by the given id.
 Subscription SubscriptionManagerImpl.subscribe(SubscriptionInfo info, String subscriptionId, ObservationResource resource)
          Create a new Subscription or update an existing Subscription and add it as eventlistener to the ObservationManager.
 void SubscriptionManagerImpl.unsubscribe(String subscriptionId, ObservationResource resource)
          Unsubscribe the Subscription with the given id and remove it from the ObservationManager as well as from the internal map.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.observation that throw DavException
SubscriptionImpl(SubscriptionInfo info, ObservationResource resource)
          Create a new Subscription with the given SubscriptionInfo and resource.

Uses of DavException in

Constructors in that throw DavException
NamespacesProperty(DavProperty property)
ValuesProperty(DavProperty property, int defaultType, ValueFactory valueFactory)
          Wrap the specified DavProperty in a new ValuesProperty.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
 MultiStatus sInfo)
          Execute the query defined by the given sInfo.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.transaction

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.transaction that throw DavException
 ActiveLock TxLockManagerImpl.createLock(LockInfo lockInfo, DavResource resource)
          Create a new lock.
 ActiveLock TxLockManagerImpl.refreshLock(LockInfo lockInfo, String lockToken, DavResource resource)
          Refresh the lock indentified by the given lock token.
 void TxLockManagerImpl.releaseLock(String lockToken, DavResource resource)
          Throws UnsupportedOperationException.
 void TxLockManagerImpl.releaseLock(TransactionInfo lockInfo, String lockToken, TransactionResource resource)
          Release the lock identified by the given lock token.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.version

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr.version that throw DavException
 VersionHistoryResource VersionItemCollection.getVersionHistory()
          Returns the VersionHistory associated with the repository version.
 VersionResource[] VersionHistoryItemCollection.getVersions()
          Return an array of VersionResources representing all versions present in the underlying JCR version history.
 void VersionItemCollection.label(LabelInfo labelInfo)
          Modify the labels defined for the underlying repository version.
 void VersionHistoryItemCollection.removeMember(DavResource member)
          Removing a version resource is achieved by calling removeVersion on the versionhistory item this version belongs to.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
 void NodeTypesReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void JcrPrivilegeReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void LocateCorrespondingNodeReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void RegisteredNamespacesReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void RepositoryDescriptorsReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void ExportViewReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void AbstractJcrReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Performs basic validation checks common to all JCR specific reports.
 void LocateByUuidReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.lock

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.lock that throw DavException
 ActiveLock SimpleLockManager.createLock(LockInfo lockInfo, DavResource resource)
          Adds the lock for the given resource, replacing any existing lock.
 ActiveLock LockManager.createLock(LockInfo lockInfo, DavResource resource)
          Create a new lock for the given resource.
 ActiveLock SimpleLockManager.refreshLock(LockInfo lockInfo, String lockToken, DavResource resource)
 ActiveLock LockManager.refreshLock(LockInfo lockInfo, String lockToken, DavResource resource)
          Refresh the lock identified by the given lockToken and initially created on the specified resouce.
 void SimpleLockManager.releaseLock(String lockToken, DavResource resource)
          Remove the lock hold by the given resource.
 void LockManager.releaseLock(String lockToken, DavResource resource)
          Release the lock identified by the given lockToken and initially created on the specified resouce.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.lock that throw DavException
LockInfo(Element liElement, long timeout, boolean isDeep)
          Create a new LockInfo object from the given information.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.observation

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.observation that throw DavException
 SubscriptionInfo ObservationDavServletRequest.getSubscriptionInfo()
          Return a SubscriptionInfo object representing the subscription info present in the SUBSCRIBE request body or null if retrieving the subscription info fails.
 EventDiscovery ObservationResource.poll(String subscriptionId, long timeout)
          Retrieve the list of events that where recorded for the event listener with the given SubscriptionId.
 EventDiscovery SubscriptionManager.poll(String subscriptionId, long timeout, ObservationResource resource)
          Retrieve the list of events that occured since the last poll.
 Subscription ObservationResource.subscribe(SubscriptionInfo info, String subscriptionId)
          Subscribe this resource for event listening defined by the specified subscription info.
 Subscription SubscriptionManager.subscribe(SubscriptionInfo info, String subscriptionId, ObservationResource resource)
          Create a new Subscription or update an existing Subscription..
 void ObservationResource.unsubscribe(String subscriptionId)
          Unsubscribe the event listener with the given SubscriptionId.
 void SubscriptionManager.unsubscribe(String subscriptionId, ObservationResource resource)
          Unsubscribe the Subscription with the given id.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.observation that throw DavException
SubscriptionInfo(Element reqInfo, long timeout, boolean isDeep)
          Create a new SubscriptionInfo from the given Xml element and from additional information that is transported within the request header: timeout, isDeep

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.ordering

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.ordering that throw DavException
static OrderPatch OrderPatch.createFromXml(Element orderPatchElement)
          Create a new OrderPath object.
 OrderPatch OrderingDavServletRequest.getOrderPatch()
          Return a OrderPatch object encapsulating the request body of an ORDERPATCH request or null if the request body was either missing or could not be parsed.
 void OrderingResource.orderMembers(OrderPatch orderPatch)
          Reorders the internal members of this resource according to the instructions present in the specified OrderPatch object.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
static SearchInfo SearchInfo.createFromXml(Element searchRequest)
          Create a new SearchInfo from the specifying document retrieved from the request body.
 MultiStatus sInfo)
          Runs a search with the language and query defined in the SearchInfo object specified and returns a MultiStatus object listing the results.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
 void AclResource.alterAcl(AclProperty aclProperty)
          Modify the DAV:acl property of this resource object.
Note: RFC 3744 limits modification of access control elements (ACEs) to elements that are neither inherited nor protected.
static AclProperty AclProperty.createFromXml(Element aclElement)
          Build a new AclProperty object from the request body of the ACL method call.
static Principal Principal.createFromXml(Element principalElement)
static Privilege Privilege.getPrivilege(Element privilege)
          Factory method to create/retrieve a Privilege from the given DAV:privilege element.
 Report AclResource.getReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)
          Same as DeltaVResource.getReport(ReportInfo).

Constructors in that throw DavException
CurrentUserPrivilegeSetProperty(DavProperty xmlDavProperty)
          Create a new CurrentUserPrivilegeSetProperty from a DavProperty as obtained from a MultiStatusResponse.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
 void PrincipalMatchReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void SearchablePropertyReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void AclPrincipalReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void AbstractSecurityReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Checks if the given resource and report info are not null, that the requested report type matches this implementation and that no other Depth header than 0 is present.
 void PrincipalSearchReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that throw DavException
 void DavResourceImpl.addMember(DavResource member, InputContext inputContext)
          Adds a new member to this resource.
 MultiStatusResponse DavResourceImpl.alterProperties(DavPropertySet setProperties, DavPropertyNameSet removePropertyNames)
 MultiStatusResponse DavResourceImpl.alterProperties(List changeList)
 boolean DavSessionProviderImpl.attachSession(WebdavRequest request)
          Acquires a DavSession.
 void DavResourceImpl.copy(DavResource destination, boolean shallow)
 DavResource ResourceFactoryImpl.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavServletRequest request, DavServletResponse response)
          Create a new DavResource from the given locator and request.
 DavResource ResourceFactoryImpl.createResource(DavResourceLocator locator, DavSession session)
          Create a new DavResource from the given locator and webdav session.
 ActiveLock DavResourceImpl.lock(LockInfo lockInfo)
 void DavResourceImpl.move(DavResource destination)
 ActiveLock DavResourceImpl.refreshLock(LockInfo lockInfo, String lockToken)
 void DavResourceImpl.removeMember(DavResource member)
 void DavResourceImpl.removeProperty(DavPropertyName propertyName)
 void DavResourceImpl.setProperty(DavProperty property)
 void DavResourceImpl.unlock(String lockToken)

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that throw DavException
DavResourceImpl(DavResourceLocator locator, DavResourceFactory factory, DavSession session, ResourceConfig config)
          Create a new DavResource.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.transaction

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.transaction that throw DavException
 TransactionInfo TransactionDavServletRequest.getTransactionInfo()
          Retrieve the 'transactioninfo' request body that must be included with the UNLOCK request of a transaction lock.
 void TxLockManager.releaseLock(TransactionInfo lockInfo, String lockToken, TransactionResource resource)
          Release the lock identified by the given lock token.
 void TransactionResource.unlock(String lockToken, TransactionInfo info)
          Overloads the unlock method of the DavResource interface.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.transaction that throw DavException
TransactionInfo(Element transactionInfo)
          Creates a TransactionInfo object from the given 'transactionInfo' element.

Uses of DavException in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version that throw DavException
 void VersionableResource.addVersionControl()
          Converts this versionable resource into a version-controlled resource.
 void DeltaVResource.addWorkspace(DavResource workspace)
          Add a new member to this resource, that represents a workspace.
Please note that no resource must exist at the location of the new workspace.
 String VersionControlledResource.checkin()
          Perform a checkin on the version controlled resource.
 void VersionControlledResource.checkout()
          Perform a checkout on the version controlled resource.
static OptionsInfo OptionsInfo.createFromXml(Element optionsElement)
          Build an OptionsInfo object from the root element present in the request body.
 DavResource BaselineResource.getBaselineCollection()
          Return the resource that represents the baseline-collection of this baseline, which is identified the href present in the BaselineResource.BASELINE_COLLECTION property.
 LabelInfo DeltaVServletRequest.getLabelInfo()
          Return the request body as LabelInfo object or null if parsing the request body or the creation of the label info failed.
 MergeInfo DeltaVServletRequest.getMergeInfo()
          Return the request body as MergeInfo object or null if the creation failed due to invalid format.
 OptionsInfo DeltaVServletRequest.getOptionsInfo()
          Returns the OptionsInfo present with the request or null.
 DavResource[] DeltaVResource.getReferenceResources(DavPropertyName hrefPropertyName)
          Returns an array of DavResource objects that are referenced by the HrefProperty with the specified name.
 Report DeltaVResource.getReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)
          Runs the report specified by the given ReportInfo.
 ReportInfo DeltaVServletRequest.getReportInfo()
          Returns the request body and the Depth header as ReportInfo object.
 UpdateInfo DeltaVServletRequest.getUpdateInfo()
          Parses the UPDATE request body a build the corresponding UpdateInfo object.
 VersionHistoryResource VersionControlledResource.getVersionHistory()
          Returns the VersionHistoryResource, that is referenced in the 'version-history' property.
 VersionHistoryResource VersionResource.getVersionHistory()
          Returns the VersionHistoryResource, that is referenced in the DAV:version-history property.
 VersionResource[] VersionHistoryResource.getVersions()
          Returns an array of VersionResources containing all versions that are a member of this resource.
 void VersionControlledResource.label(LabelInfo labelInfo)
          Modify the labels of the version referenced by the DAV:checked-in property of this checked-in version-controlled resource.
 void VersionResource.label(LabelInfo labelInfo)
          Modify the labels of this version resource.
 MultiStatus VersionControlledResource.merge(MergeInfo mergeInfo)
          Perform a merge on this resource using the specified MergeInfo.
 void VersionControlledResource.uncheckout()
          Perform an uncheckout on the version controlled resource.
 MultiStatus VersionControlledResource.update(UpdateInfo updateInfo)
          Perform an update on this resource using the specified UpdateInfo.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version that throw DavException
LabelInfo(Element labelElement)
          Create a new LabelInfo from the given element.
LabelInfo(Element labelElement, int depth)
          Create a new LabelInfo from the given element and depth integer.
MergeInfo(Element mergeElement)
          Create a new MergeInfo
UpdateInfo(Element updateElement)
          Create a new UpdateInfo object.

Uses of DavException in

Methods in that throw DavException
 Report ReportType.createReport(DeltaVResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Creates a new Report with this type.
 void CompareBaselineReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void LocateByHistoryReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void LatestActivityVersionReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Check all the preconditions for this report.
 void VersionTreeReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Validates the specified resource and info objects.
 void ExpandPropertyReport.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
 void Report.init(DavResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Set the DeltaVResource for which this report was requested and the ReportInfo as specified by the REPORT request body, that defines the details for this report.
Please note that this methods should perform basic validation checks in order to prevent execeptional situations during the xml serialization.

Constructors in that throw DavException
ReportInfo(Element reportElement, int depth)
          Create a new ReportInfo object from the given Xml element.

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