Uses of Interface

Packages that use XASession

Uses of XASession in org.apache.jackrabbit.core

Subinterfaces of XASession in org.apache.jackrabbit.core
 interface XASession
          Deprecated. Use XASession instead

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.core that implement XASession
 class XASessionImpl
          Session extension that provides XA support.

Uses of XASession in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.client

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.client that implement XASession
 class ClientXASession
          Local adapter for the JCR-RMI RemoteXASession interface.

Uses of XASession in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.server

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.server with parameters of type XASession
ServerXASession(XASession session, RemoteAdapterFactory factory)
          Creates a remote adapter for the given local, transaction enabled, session.

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