Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene

Interface Summary
AggregateRule AggregateRule defines a configuration for a node index aggregate.
ExcerptProvider ExcerptProvider defines an interface to create an excerpt for a matching node.
HierarchyResolver HierarchyResolver extends an IndexReader with the ability to resolve a JCR hierarchy.
HighlightingExcerptProvider HighlightingExcerptProvider extends the ExcerptProvider interface with a method that highlights matching terms in arbitrary text.
IndexingConfiguration IndexingConfiguration defines the interface to check whether a certain property is indexed or not.
IndexListener Defines an interface that allows implementing classes to listen for index changes (namely document deletes) while using a ReadOnlyIndexReader.
MultiIndexReader MultiIndexReader exposes methods to get access to the contained IndexReaders of this MultiIndexReader.
NamespaceMappings The class NamespaceMappings holds a namespace mapping that is used internally in the search index.
ScoreNodeIterator Extends the NodeIterator interface by adding a ScoreNodeIterator.getScore() method that returns the score for the node that is returned by NodeIterator.nextNode().
SpellChecker SpellChecker defines an interface to run a spellchecker over a fulltext query statement.
SynonymProvider SynonymProvider defines an interface for a component that returns synonyms for a given term.
Transformable Transformable marks queries that can transform the value to upper- or lower-case.
TransformConstants TransformConstants defines constants for query processing.

Class Summary
AbstractExcerpt AbstractExcerpt implements base functionality for an excerpt provider.
AbstractQueryImpl AbstractQueryImpl provides a base class for executable queries based on SearchIndex.
CachingMultiIndexReader Extends a MultiReader with support for cached TermDocs on FieldNames.UUID field.
DateField Implements Date <-> String conversions in a way that the resulting String is suitable for indexing and sorting.
DefaultHTMLExcerpt DefaultHTMLExcerpt creates a HTML excerpt with the following format:
DefaultXMLExcerpt DefaultXMLExcerpt creates an XML excerpt of a matching node.
DoubleField The DoubleField class is a utility to convert double values into String values that are lexicographically ordered according to the double value.
DynamicPooledExecutor DynamicPooledExecutor implements an executor, which dynamically adjusts its maximum number of threads according to the number of available processors returned by Runtime.availableProcessors().
FieldNames Defines field names that are used internally to store UUID, etc in the search index.
FileBasedNamespaceMappings The class NamespaceMappings implements a org.apache.jackrabbit.core.NamespaceResolver that holds a namespace mapping that is used internally in the search index.
IndexFormatVersion This class indicates the lucene index format that is used.
IndexingConfigurationEntityResolver IndexingConfigurationEntityResolver implements an entity resolver for the indexing configuration DTD.
IndexingConfigurationImpl IndexingConfigurationImpl implements a concrete indexing configuration.
JackrabbitAnalyzer This is the global jackrabbit lucene analyzer.
JackrabbitTextExtractor Backwards-compatible Jackrabbit text extractor component.
JQOM2LuceneQueryBuilder Implements a query builder that takes an JQOM and creates a lucene Query tree that can be executed on an index.
LuceneQueryBuilder Implements a query builder that takes an abstract query tree and creates a lucene Query tree that can be executed on an index.
MoreLikeThis Generate "more like this" similarity queries.
MultiIndex A MultiIndex consists of a VolatileIndex and multiple PersistentIndexes.
MultiIndex.Action Defines an action on an MultiIndex.
NamePathResolverImpl NamePathResolverImpl...
NodeIndexer Creates a lucene Document object from a Node.
NSRegistryBasedNamespaceMappings NSRegistryBasedNamespaceMappings implements a namespace mapping based on the stable index prefix provided by the namespace registry.
PooledTextExtractor PooledTextExtractor implements a text extractor that extracts the text using a pool of background threads.
PreparedQueryImpl PreparedQueryImpl...
PropertiesSynonymProvider Implements a synonym provider based on a properties file.
QueryHits Wraps the lucene Hits object and adds a close method that allows to release resources after a query has been executed and the results have been read completely.
QueryImpl Implements the ExecutableQuery interface.
QueryResultImpl Implements the javax.jcr.query.QueryResult interface.
RangeQuery Implements a variant of the lucene class RangeQuery.
SearchIndex Implements a QueryHandler using Lucene.
SearchIndex.CombinedIndexReader Combines multiple CachingMultiIndexReader into a MultiReader with HierarchyResolver support.
SharedFieldSortComparator Implements a SortComparator which knows how to sort on a lucene field that contains values for multiple properties.
SimilarityQuery SimilarityQuery implements a query that returns similar nodes for a given node UUID.
SimpleExcerptProvider SimpleExcerptProvider is a very simple excerpt provider.
TextExtractorFilter Utility base class for migrating functionality from existing implementations of the deprecated TextFilter interface to the new TextExtractor interface.
TextExtractorJob TextExtractorJob implements a future result and is runnable in a background thread.
TextFilterExtractor Adapter class for achieving backwards compatibility with classes implementing the deprectated TextFilter interface.
TextPlainTextFilter Deprecated. use PlainTextExtractor, this class is kept for backwards compatibility with existing configuration files
Util Util provides various static utility methods.
WildcardQuery Implements a wildcard query on a lucene field with an embedded property name and a pattern.
WorkspaceTraversalResult Implements a query result that traverses the whole workspace and returns the nodes in document order.

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