Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query

Interface Summary
ExecutablePreparedQuery ExecutablePreparedQuery extends ExecutableQuery with a method to bind a value to a variable.
ExecutableQuery Specifies an interface for a query object implementation that can just be executed.
QueryConstants This interface defines constants for data types and operation types used in queries.
QueryHandler Defines an interface for the actual node indexing and query execution.
QueryNodeFactory A factory for QueryNodes.
QueryNodeVisitor Defines the interface for a QueryNodeVisitor.
QueryTreeBuilder Specifies an interface for a query tree builder.
TextFilter Deprecated. use the TextExtractor interface

Class Summary
AbstractQueryHandler Implements default behaviour for some methods of QueryHandler.
AbstractQueryImpl Defines common initialization methods for all query implementations.
AndQueryNode Implements a query node that defines an AND operation between arbitrary other QueryNodes.
DefaultQueryNodeFactory Default implementetation of a QueryNodeFactory.
DefaultQueryNodeVisitor Implements the QueryNodeVisitor interface with default behaviour.
DerefQueryNode Represents query node that dereferences a reference property into a node and does an optional name test on the target node.
ExactQueryNode Implements a query node that defines an exact match of a property and a value.
LocationStepQueryNode Defines a location step for querying the path of a node.
NAryQueryNode Defines an abstract query node for nodes that have child nodes.
NodeTypeQueryNode Implements a query node that defines a node type match.
NotQueryNode Implements a query node that defines a not operation on the child query.
OrderQueryNode Implements a query node that defines the order of nodes according to the values of properties.
OrderQueryNode.OrderSpec Implements a single order specification.
OrQueryNode Implements a query node that defines an OR operation between arbitrary other QueryNodes.
PathQueryNode Implements a query node that defines a path restriction.
PreparedQueryImpl PreparedQueryImpl...
PropertyFunctionQueryNode PropertyFunctionQueryNode allows to place function calls on properties in a query.
PropertyTypeRegistry The PropertyTypeRegistry keeps track of registered node type definitions and its property types.
QueryHandlerContext Acts as an argument for the QueryHandler to keep the interface stable.
QueryImpl Provides the default implementation for a JCR query.
QueryManagerImpl This class implements the QueryManager interface.
QueryNode Implements an abstract base class for nodes of a query tree that represents a query.
QueryParser This class acts as the central entry point for parsing query statements from different query syntaxes into a query tree.
QueryRootNode Implements the root node of a query tree.
QueryTreeBuilderRegistry Implements a central access to QueryTreeBuilder instances.
QueryTreeDump Utility class to dump a QueryNode tree to a StringBuffer.
RelationQueryNode Implements a query node that defines property value relation.
TextsearchQueryNode Implements a query node that defines a textsearch clause.
TraversingQueryNodeVisitor TraversingQueryNodeVisitor implements a base class for a traversing query node visitor.

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