Class RepositoryLock

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.util.RepositoryLock

public class RepositoryLock
extends Object

Exclusive lock on a repository home directory. This class encapsulates collective experience on how to acquire an exclusive lock on a given directory. The lock is expected to be exclusive both across process boundaries and within a single JVM. The lock mechanism must also work consistently on a variety of operating systems and JVM implementations.

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Constructor Summary
RepositoryLock(String path)
          Creates a lock instance for the given directory path.
Method Summary
 void acquire()
          Lock the repository home.
 void release()
          Releases repository lock.
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Constructor Detail


public RepositoryLock(String path)
               throws RepositoryException
Creates a lock instance for the given directory path. An instantiated lock still needs to be explicitly acquired using the acquire() method.

path - directory path
RepositoryException - if the canonical path of the directory can not be determined
Method Detail


public void acquire()
             throws RepositoryException
Lock the repository home.

RepositoryException - if the repository lock can not be acquired


public void release()
Releases repository lock.

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