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Uses of InternalVersion in org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version that return InternalVersion
protected  InternalVersion XAVersionManager.checkin(org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version.InternalVersionHistoryImpl history, NodeImpl node)
          Checks in a node

Before modifying version history given, make a local copy of it.

 InternalVersion InternalFrozenVersionHistory.getBaseVesion()
          Returns the base version that was assigned to the node at the time it was versioned.
protected  InternalVersion VersionImpl.getInternalVersion()
          Returns the internal version.
 InternalVersion[] InternalVersion.getPredecessors()
          Equivalent to Version.getPredecessors()}
 InternalVersion InternalVersionHistory.getRootVersion()
          Equivalalent to VersionHistory.getRootVersion().
 InternalVersion[] InternalVersion.getSuccessors()
          Equivalent to Version.getSuccessors()}
 InternalVersion InternalVersionHistory.getVersion(Name versionName)
          Equivalalent to VersionHistory.getVersion(java.lang.String).
 InternalVersion InternalVersionHistory.getVersion(NodeId id)
          Returns the version with the given uuid or null if the respective version does not exist.
 InternalVersion VersionManager.getVersion(NodeId id)
          Returns the version with the given id
 InternalVersion InternalVersionHistory.getVersionByLabel(Name label)
          Equivalalent to VersionHistory.getVersionByLabel(java.lang.String) but returns null if the version does not exists.
protected  InternalVersion XAVersionManager.setVersionLabel(org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version.InternalVersionHistoryImpl history, Name version, Name label, boolean move)
          Set version label on the specified version.

Before modifying version history given, make a local copy of it.


Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.core.version with parameters of type InternalVersion
 boolean InternalVersion.isMoreRecent(InternalVersion v)
          Checks if this version is more recent than the given version v.
protected  void XAVersionManager.versionCreated(InternalVersion version)
          Invoked when a new internal item has been created.

Put the version object into our cache.

protected  void XAVersionManager.versionDestroyed(InternalVersion version)
          Invoked when a new internal item has been destroyed.

Remove the version object from our cache.


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