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static class Path.CurrentElement
static class Path.NameElement
static class Path.ParentElement
static class Path.RootElement

Fields in declared as Path.PathElement
static Path.PathElement Path.CURRENT_ELEMENT
          Deprecated. the 'current' element.
static Path.PathElement Path.PARENT_ELEMENT
          Deprecated. the 'parent' element.
static Path.PathElement Path.ROOT_ELEMENT
          Deprecated. the 'root' element.

Methods in that return Path.PathElement
static Path.PathElement Path.PathElement.create(QName name)
          Creates a path element with the given qualified name.
static Path.PathElement Path.PathElement.create(QName name, int index)
          Same as create(QName) except that an explicit index can be specified.
static Path.PathElement Path.PathElement.fromString(String s)
          Parses the given path element string into a path element object.
 Path.PathElement Path.getElement(int i)
          Deprecated. Returns the ith element of this path.
 Path.PathElement[] Path.getElements()
          Deprecated. Returns the elements of this path.
 Path.PathElement Path.getNameElement()
          Deprecated. Returns the name element (i.e.

Methods in with parameters of type Path.PathElement
 void Path.PathBuilder.addAll(Path.PathElement[] elements)
          Adds the given elemenets
 void Path.PathBuilder.addFirst(Path.PathElement elem)
          Inserts the element at the beginning of the path to be built.
 void Path.PathBuilder.addLast(Path.PathElement elem)
          Inserts the element at the end of the path to be built.

Constructors in with parameters of type Path.PathElement
Path.PathBuilder(Path.PathElement[] elements)
          Creates a new PathBuilder and initialized it with the given path elements.

Uses of Path.PathElement in org.apache.jackrabbit.util

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.util that return Path.PathElement
 Path.PathElement PathMap.Element.getPathElement()
          Return a path element pointing to this element

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.util with parameters of type Path.PathElement
 void PathMap.Element.insert(Path.PathElement nameIndex)
          Insert an empty child.
 void PathMap.Element.put(Path.PathElement nameIndex, PathMap.Element element)
          Link a child of this node.
 PathMap.Element PathMap.Element.remove(Path.PathElement nameIndex)
          Remove a child.

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