Interface StatefulValue

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, Value
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseNonStreamValue, BinaryValue, BooleanValue, DateValue, DoubleValue, LongValue, NameValue, PathValue, ReferenceValue, StringValue

public interface StatefulValue
extends Value, Serializable

The StatefullValue interface defines the API used for the state classes used by the SerialValue class.

This is a marker interface with two purposes; it separates the value state classes from the more general value classes, and it forces the state classes to be serializable. This interface is used only internally by the State pattern implementation of the SerialValue class.

This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients. Rather any of the concrete implementations of this class should be used or overwritten as appropriate.

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getBoolean, getDate, getDouble, getLong, getStream, getString, getType

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