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Uses of PathMap.Element in org.apache.jackrabbit.util

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.util that return PathMap.Element
 PathMap.Element PathMap.Element.getDescendant(Path relPath, boolean exact)
          Map a relPath starting at this Element.
 PathMap.Element PathMap.Element.getParent()
          Return the parent of this element
 PathMap.Element path, boolean exact)
          Deprecated. Map a path to a child.
 PathMap.Element PathMap.put(Path path)
          Deprecated. Create an empty child given by its path.
 PathMap.Element PathMap.put(Path path, Object obj)
          Deprecated. Create an element given by its path.
 PathMap.Element PathMap.Element.remove(Path.PathElement nameIndex)
          Remove a child.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.util with parameters of type PathMap.Element
 void PathMap.ElementVisitor.elementVisited(PathMap.Element element)
          Invoked for every element visited on a tree traversal
 boolean PathMap.Element.isAncestorOf(PathMap.Element other)
          Return a flag indicating whether the specified node is a child of this node.
 void PathMap.Element.put(Path.PathElement nameIndex, PathMap.Element element)
          Link a child of this node.
 void PathMap.put(Path path, PathMap.Element element)
          Deprecated. Put an element given by its path.

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