Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.ordering

Interface Summary
OrderingConstants OrderingConstants provide constants for request and response headers, Xml elements and property names defined by RFC 3648.
OrderingDavServletRequest OrderingDavServletRequest provides extensions to the DavServletRequest interface used for ordering members of orderable collections.
OrderingResource OrderingResource extends the DavResource interface by METHODS relating to ordering functionality defined by RFC 3648.

Class Summary
OrderingType OrderingType represents the DAV:ordering-type property as defined by RFC 3648.
OrderPatch OrderPatch represents the mandatory request body of an ORDERPATCH request.
OrderPatch.Member Internal class Member represents the 'Order-Member' children elements of an 'OrderPatch' request body present in the ORDERPATCH request.
Position Position encapsulates the position in ordering information contained in a Webdav request.

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