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 class LabelInfo
          LabelInfo encapsulates the request body of a LABEL request used to add, set or remove a label from the requested version resource or from that version specified with the Label header in case the requested resource is a version-controlled resource.

The request body (thus the 'labelElement' passed to the constructore must be a DAV:label element:
 class MergeInfo
          MergeInfo encapsulates the information present in the DAV:merge element, that forms the mandatory request body of a MERGE request.
The DAV:merge element is specified to have the following form.
 class OptionsResponse
          OptionsResponse encapsulates the DAV:options-response element present in the response body of a successful OPTIONS request (with body).
 class SupportedMethodSetProperty
          The SupportedMethodSetProperty
 class UpdateInfo
          UpdateInfo encapsulates the request body of an UPDATE request.

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 class ExpandPropertyReport
          ExpandPropertyReport encapsulates the DAV:expand-property report, that provides a mechanism for retrieving in one request the properties from the resources identified by those DAV:href elements.
 class LocateByHistoryReport
          LocateByHistoryReport encapsulates the DAV:locate-by-hisotry report, that may be used to locate a version-controlled resource for that version history.
 class ReportType
 class VersionTreeReport
          VersionTreeReport encapsulates the DAV:version-tree report.

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