Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version

Interface Summary
ActivityResource An activity is a resource that selects a set of versions that are on a single "line of descent", where a line of descent is a sequence of versions connected by successor relationships.
BaselineResource BaselineResource represents the 'version' of a configuration which is represented by a 'version-controlled-configuration' (VCC) resource.
DeltaVConstants DeltaVConstants defines the following headers and properties required for any resource that is complient to RFC 3253:

DeltaVResource The DeltaVResource encapsultes the functionality common to all DeltaV compliant resources.
DeltaVServletRequest DeltaVServletRequest provides extension useful for functionality related to RFC 3253.
VersionableResource VersionableResource represents an extension to the basic DeltaVResource, that allows to adding version-control support.
VersionControlledResource The VersionControlledResource represents in contrast to the VersionableResource a resource, that has already been put under version-control.
VersionHistoryResource VersionHistoryResource represents a collection that has all versions of a given version-controlled resource as members.
VersionResource VersionResource is a resource that contains a copy of a particular state of a version-controlled resource.
WorkspaceResource A workspace resource is a collection whose members are related version-controlled and non-version-controlled resources.

Class Summary
LabelInfo LabelInfo encapsulates the request body of a LABEL request used to add, set or remove a label from the requested version resource or from that version specified with the Label header in case the requested resource is a version-controlled resource.

The request body (thus the 'labelElement' passed to the constructore must be a DAV:label element:
LabelSetProperty LabelSetProperty...
MergeInfo MergeInfo encapsulates the information present in the DAV:merge element, that forms the mandatory request body of a MERGE request.
The DAV:merge element is specified to have the following form.
OptionsInfo OptionsInfo represents the Xml request body, that may be present with a OPTIONS request.
OptionsResponse OptionsResponse encapsulates the DAV:options-response element present in the response body of a successful OPTIONS request (with body).
SupportedMethodSetProperty The SupportedMethodSetProperty
UpdateInfo UpdateInfo encapsulates the request body of an UPDATE request.

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