Interface Summary
Report The Report interface defines METHODS needed in order to respond to a REPORT request.

Class Summary
CompareBaselineReport CompareBaselineReport...
ExpandPropertyReport ExpandPropertyReport encapsulates the DAV:expand-property report, that provides a mechanism for retrieving in one request the properties from the resources identified by those DAV:href elements.
LatestActivityVersionReport LatestActivityVersionReport is applied to a version history to identify the latest version that is selected from that version history by a given activity.
LocateByHistoryReport LocateByHistoryReport encapsulates the DAV:locate-by-hisotry report, that may be used to locate a version-controlled resource for that version history.
ReportInfo The ReportInfo class encapsulates the body of a REPORT request.
ReportType ReportType...
SupportedReportSetProperty SupportedReportSetProperty represents the DAV:supported-report-set property defined by RFC 3253.
VersionTreeReport VersionTreeReport encapsulates the DAV:version-tree report.

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