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 interface Group
          A Group is a collection of Authorizables.
 interface User
          User is a special Authorizable that can be authenticated and impersonated.

Methods in that return Authorizable
 Authorizable UserManager.getAuthorizable(Principal principal)
          Get the Authorizable by its main Principal.
 Authorizable UserManager.getAuthorizable(String id)
          Get the Authorizable by its id.

Methods in with parameters of type Authorizable
 boolean Group.addMember(Authorizable authorizable)
          Add a member to this Group.
 boolean Group.isMember(Authorizable authorizable)
 boolean Group.removeMember(Authorizable authorizable)
          Remove a member from this Group.

Uses of Authorizable in

Methods in that return Authorizable
 Authorizable UserManagerImpl.getAuthorizable(Principal principal)
 Authorizable UserManagerImpl.getAuthorizable(String id)

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