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Packages that use RepositoryFactory

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository that implement RepositoryFactory
 class JNDIRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a repository from JNDI.
 class SingletonRepositoryFactory
          Repository factory that always returns the same configured repository.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository with parameters of type RepositoryFactory
ProxyRepository(RepositoryFactory factory)
          Creates a proxy for the repository (or repositories) accessible through the given factory.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee that return RepositoryFactory
 RepositoryFactory RepositoryStartupServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Returns a repository factory that returns the repository if available or throws an exception if not.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.repository

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.repository that implement RepositoryFactory
 class AbstractRemoteRepositoryFactory
          Abstract base class for repository factories that make a remote repository available locally.
 class JNDIRemoteRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a remote repository from JNDI.
 class RMIRemoteRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a remote repository from an RMI registry.
 class URLRemoteRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a remote repository from a given URL.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet that implement RepositoryFactory
 class ContextRepositoryFactory
          Factory that returns a repository from a servlet context attribute.
 class CrossContextRepositoryFactory
          Factory that returns a repository from an attribute in an identified servlet context.
 class ServletRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a repository from the context of a given servlet.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet that return RepositoryFactory
protected  RepositoryFactory JNDIRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Creates and returns a JNDI repository factory based on the configured init parameters.
protected  RepositoryFactory ContextRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Creates and returns a repository factory for accessing a repository in the configured servlet context attribute.
protected abstract  RepositoryFactory AbstractRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Returns the repository factory that will be used by the ProxyRepository bound to the servlet context.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet.jackrabbit

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet.jackrabbit that return RepositoryFactory
protected  RepositoryFactory JackrabbitRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Returns a repository factory that always returns the configured repository instance.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet.remote

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet.remote that return RepositoryFactory
protected  RepositoryFactory URLRemoteRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Creates and returns a factory for retrieving the remote repository at the given URL.
protected  RepositoryFactory RMIRemoteRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Creates and returns an RMI repository factory for the configured RMI URL.
protected  RepositoryFactory JNDIRemoteRepositoryServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Creates and returns a factory for retrieving the remote repository in the configured JNDI location.

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