Class NodeTypeWriter

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.nodetype.xml.NodeTypeWriter

public final class NodeTypeWriter
extends Object

Node type definition writer. This class is used to write the persistent node type definition files used by Jackrabbit.

Method Summary
static void write(OutputStream xml, NodeTypeDef[] types, NamespaceRegistry registry)
          Writes a node type definition file.
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Method Detail


public static void write(OutputStream xml,
                         NodeTypeDef[] types,
                         NamespaceRegistry registry)
                  throws IOException,
Writes a node type definition file. The file contents are written to the given output stream and will contain the given node type definitions. The given namespace registry is used for namespace mappings.

xml - XML output stream
registry - namespace registry
types - node types
IOException - if the node type definitions cannot be written
RepositoryException - on repository errors

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