Interface Summary
ItemBasedPrincipal ItemBasedPrincipal is a Principal that is persisted as item within the repository.
JackrabbitPrincipal JackrabbitPrincipal Marks the principal to be the result of authentication against the repository.
PrincipalProvider This interface defines methods to provide access to sources of Principals.
PrincipalProviderRegistry Registry used to store and retrieve PrincipalProviders.

Class Summary
AbstractPrincipalProvider A base class of a principal provider implementing common tasks and a caching facility.
AdminPrincipal This principal represents the admin user as a distinct principal having all the access rights and is being authenticated (in contrast to the SystemPrincipal).
DefaultPrincipalProvider Provides principals for the users contained within the Repository.
EveryonePrincipal The EveryonePrincipal contains all principals (excluding itself).
PrincipalImpl Base class for implementations of JackrabbitPrincipal.
PrincipalIteratorAdapter PrincipalIteratorAdapter...
PrincipalManagerImpl This principal manager implementation uses the DefaultPrincipalProvider in order to dispatch the respective requests and assemble the required data.
ProviderRegistryImpl This is the default implementation of the PrincipalProviderRegistry interface.

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