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Uses of AbstractTextExtractor in org.apache.jackrabbit.extractor

Subclasses of AbstractTextExtractor in org.apache.jackrabbit.extractor
 class HTMLTextExtractor
          Text extractor for HyperText Markup Language (HTML).
 class MsExcelTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Microsoft Excel sheets.
 class MsOutlookTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Microsoft Outlook messages.
 class MsPowerPointTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
 class MsWordTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Microsoft Word documents.
 class OpenOfficeTextExtractor
          Text extractor for OpenOffice documents.
 class PdfTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Portable Document Format (PDF).
 class PlainTextExtractor
          Text extractor for plain text.
 class PngTextExtractor
          Text extractor for png/apng/mng images.
 class RTFTextExtractor
          Text extractor for Rich Text Format (RTF)
 class XMLTextExtractor
          Text extractor for XML documents.

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