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static String PathFormat.format(Path path, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Returns a string representation of the qualified path in the JCR path format.
static String[] NameFormat.format(QName[] qNames, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Same as NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver) except that this method takes an array of QNames and returns an array of corresponding string representations.
static String NameFormat.format(QName qName, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Formats the given QName to produce a string representation, i.e.
static void NameFormat.format(QName qName, NamespaceResolver resolver, StringBuffer buffer)
          Deprecated. Same as NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver) except that this method appends the JCR-style name to the given buffer rather than returning it directly.
 String NamespaceResolver.getJCRName(QName qName)
          Deprecated. use NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver) instead.
 String AbstractNamespaceResolver.getJCRName(QName qName)
          Deprecated. use NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver) instead.
 String QName.toJCRName(NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Use NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver) instead.
 String Path.PathElement.toJCRName(NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Returns the JCR name representation of this path element.
 void QName.toJCRName(NamespaceResolver resolver, StringBuffer buf)
          Deprecated. Use NameFormat.format(QName, NamespaceResolver, StringBuffer) instead.
 void Path.PathElement.toJCRName(NamespaceResolver resolver, StringBuffer buf)
          Appends the JCR name representation of this path element to the given string buffer.
 String Path.toJCRPath(NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Use PathFormat.format(Path, NamespaceResolver) instead.

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