Package org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.exception

Exception Summary
CustomNodeTypeCreationException This exception is thrown during repository setup while creating the custom node types.
IllegalUnlockException If user cannot unlock path, for example if he/she have not correct lockTokens
IncorrectAtomicTypeException Occurs when the jcr mapping converters try to assign or read an incorrect atomic field type.
IncorrectPersistentClassException Occurs when the ocm try to manage an object which is not based on a persistent class.
InitMapperException Occurs when it is not possible to initialise the Mapper
InvalidQueryException The InvalidQuerySyntaxException is an ObjectContentManagerException thrown if the query of the ObjectContentManager.getObjectIterator(String, String) is invalid.
JcrMappingException Base class of all runtime exceptions used in the JCR mapping.
LockedException Throwed if a path is locked and a operation cannot be performed
LockingException Base exception for all exceptions related to JCR Locking feature.
NestableRuntimeException Nestable runtime exception.
ObjectContentManagerException Occurs when it is not possible to persist an object
RepositoryException Occurs when it is not possible to manage the JCR repository (register, login, ...)
VersionException Occurs when it is not possible to read information on version or manage versions

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