Class AnnotationDescriptorReader

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.mapper.impl.annotation.AnnotationDescriptorReader
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AnnotationDescriptorReader
extends Object
implements DescriptorReader

Helper class that reads the xml mapping file and load all class descriptors into memory (object graph)

Lombart Christophe , : Boni Gopalan

Constructor Summary
AnnotationDescriptorReader(List<Class> annotatedClassNames)
Method Summary
 MappingDescriptor loadClassDescriptors()
          Load all class descriptors found in an classdescriptor definition.
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Constructor Detail


public AnnotationDescriptorReader(List<Class> annotatedClassNames)
Method Detail


public MappingDescriptor loadClassDescriptors()
Description copied from interface: DescriptorReader
Load all class descriptors found in an classdescriptor definition. A classdescriptor definition can be a xml config file or annotations or another kind of resource which contain the classdescriptors DescriptorReader is an abstraction used to maximize reusability in AbstractMapperImpl

Specified by:
loadClassDescriptors in interface DescriptorReader
a MappingDescriptor wich will contains a collection of classdescriptors

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