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Classes in that implement PropertyHandler
 class DefaultHandler
          DefaultHandler implements a simple IOHandler that creates 'file' and 'folder' nodes.
 class DirListingExportHandler
          DirListingExportHandler represents a simple export for collections: a human-readable view listing the members.
 class VersionHandler
 class VersionHistoryHandler
 class XmlHandler
          XmlHandler imports xml files and exports nodes that have the proper XmlHandler.XML_MIMETYPE defined with their content.
 class ZipHandler
          ZipHandler imports and extracts Zip files and exported nodes (an their subnodes) to a Zip file.

Methods in that return PropertyHandler
 PropertyHandler[] PropertyManagerImpl.getPropertyHandlers()
 PropertyHandler[] PropertyManager.getPropertyHandlers()

Methods in with parameters of type PropertyHandler
 void PropertyManagerImpl.addPropertyHandler(PropertyHandler propertyHandler)
 void PropertyManager.addPropertyHandler(PropertyHandler propertyHandler)

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