Interface Summary
ExportContext ExportContext...
ImportContext ImportContext...
IOContext IOContext defines the common methods for ImportContext and ExportContext
IOHandler IOHandler interface defines methods for importing and exporting resource content as well as some fundamental resource properties which use to be set/retrieved together with content import and export (e.g.
IOListener IOListener defines an import/export listener.
IOManager IOManager interface provides the means to define a list of IOHandlers that should be asked to perform an import or export.
PropertyExportContext PropertyExportContext represents a marker interface to distinguish the ExportContext (which is mainly used to export data and some fundamental properties) from a context that is used to export properties only.
PropertyHandler PropertyHandler interface defines methods for importing and exporting resource properties.
PropertyImportContext PropertyImportContext...
PropertyManager PropertyManager...

Class Summary
AbstractExportContext AbstractExportContext covers methods common to most ExportContext implementations.
BoundedInputStream This is a stream that will only supply bytes up to a certain length - if its position goes above that, it will stop.
DefaultHandler DefaultHandler implements a simple IOHandler that creates 'file' and 'folder' nodes.
DefaultIOListener DefaultIOListener implements an IOListener that writes debug/error output to the logger specified in the constructor.
DefaultIOManager DefaultIOManager...
DirListingExportHandler DirListingExportHandler represents a simple export for collections: a human-readable view listing the members.
ExportContextImpl ExportContextImpl implements an ExportContext that wraps around the specified OutputContext as it was passed to DavResource.spool(OutputContext).
ImportContextImpl ImportContextImpl...
IOManagerImpl IOManagerImpl represents the most simple IOManager implementation that provides a default constructor and does define any IOHandlers.
IOUtil IOUtil provides utitily methods used for import and export operations.
MimeResolver This Class implements a very simple mime type resolver.
PropertyManagerImpl PropertyManagerImpl...
VersionHistoryHandler VersionHistoryHandler...
XmlHandler XmlHandler imports xml files and exports nodes that have the proper XmlHandler.XML_MIMETYPE defined with their content.
ZipHandler ZipHandler imports and extracts Zip files and exported nodes (an their subnodes) to a Zip file.

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