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org.apache.jackrabbit.spi Defines the interfaces of the JCR SPI (Service Provider Interface). 

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.hierarchy

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.hierarchy with parameters of type QValue
 PropertyEntry NodeEntryImpl.addNewPropertyEntry(Name propName, QPropertyDefinition definition, QValue[] values, int propertyType)
 PropertyEntry NodeEntry.addNewPropertyEntry(Name propName, QPropertyDefinition definition, QValue[] values, int propertyType)
          Add a new, transient PropertyEntry to this NodeEntry and return the PropertyState associated with the new entry.

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.operation

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.operation that return QValue
 QValue[] SetPropertyValue.getValues()
 QValue[] AddProperty.getValues()

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.operation with parameters of type QValue
static Operation AddProperty.create(NodeState parentState, Name propName, int propertyType, QPropertyDefinition def, QValue[] values)
static Operation SetPropertyValue.create(PropertyState propState, QValue[] qValues, int valueType)

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state that return QValue
 QValue PropertyState.getValue()
          Convenience method for single valued property states.
 QValue[] PropertyState.getValues()
          Returns the value(s) of this property.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state with parameters of type QValue
 PropertyState TransientItemStateFactory.createNewPropertyState(PropertyEntry entry, QPropertyDefinition definition, QValue[] values, int propertyType)
          Creates a transient PropertyState.
 PropertyState TransientISFactory.createNewPropertyState(PropertyEntry entry, QPropertyDefinition definition, QValue[] values, int propertyType)

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state with parameters of type QValue
PropertyState(PropertyEntry entry, ItemStateFactory isf, QPropertyDefinition definition, ItemDefinitionProvider definitionProvider, QValue[] values, int propertyType)
          Create a NEW PropertyState

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.util

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.util that return QValue
 QValue ReferenceChangeTracker.getMappedReference(QValue oldReference, QValueFactory factory)
          Returns the new UUID to which oldUUID has been mapped or null if no such mapping exists.

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.util with parameters of type QValue
 QValue ReferenceChangeTracker.getMappedReference(QValue oldReference, QValueFactory factory)
          Returns the new UUID to which oldUUID has been mapped or null if no such mapping exists.

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi

Fields in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi declared as QValue
static QValue[] QValue.EMPTY_ARRAY

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi that return QValue
 QValue[] QValueFactory.computeAutoValues(QPropertyDefinition propertyDefinition)
          Given the QPropertyDefinition of an autocreated property, compute suitable values to be used in transient space until the newly created node gets saved.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(boolean value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.BOOLEAN.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(byte[] value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.BINARY.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(Calendar value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.DATE.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(double value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.DOUBLE.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(File value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.BINARY.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(InputStream value)
          Creates a QValue that contains the given binary stream.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(long value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.LONG.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(Name value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.NAME.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(Path value)
          Create a new QValue with type PropertyType.PATH.
 QValue QValueFactory.create(String value, int type)
          Create a new QValue using the given String representation of the value and its type.
 QValue[] QPropertyDefinition.getDefaultValues()
          Returns the array of default values or null if no default values are defined.
 QValue[] QueryResultRow.getValues()
          Returns an array of QValues.
 QValue[] PropertyInfo.getValues()

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi with parameters of type QValue
 void Batch.addProperty(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue value)
          Add a new property to the persistent layer.
 void Batch.addProperty(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue[] values)
          Add a new multi-valued property to the persistent layer.
 void Batch.setValue(PropertyId propertyId, QValue value)
          Modify the value of an existing property.
 void Batch.setValue(PropertyId propertyId, QValue[] values)
          Modify the value of an existing, multi-valued property.

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons that return QValue
 QValue[] QPropertyDefinitionImpl.getDefaultValues()
          Returns the array of default values or null if no default values are defined.
 QValue[] PropertyInfoImpl.getValues()

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons with parameters of type QValue
 void SerializableBatch.addProperty(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue value)
 void SerializableBatch.addProperty(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue[] values)
 void SerializableBatch.setValue(PropertyId propertyId, QValue value)
 void SerializableBatch.setValue(PropertyId propertyId, QValue[] values)

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons with parameters of type QValue
PropertyInfoImpl(NodeId parentId, Name name, Path path, PropertyId id, int type, boolean isMultiValued, QValue[] values)
          Deprecated. Use PropertyInfoImpl.PropertyInfoImpl(Path, PropertyId, int, boolean, QValue[]) instead. The parentId is not used any more.
PropertyInfoImpl(Path path, PropertyId id, int type, boolean isMultiValued, QValue[] values)
          Creates a new property info for the given parameters.
QPropertyDefinitionImpl(Name name, Name declaringNodeType, boolean isAutoCreated, boolean isMandatory, int onParentVersion, boolean isProtected, QValue[] defaultValues, boolean isMultiple, int requiredType, String[] valueConstraints)
          Creates a new serializable qualified property definition.

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype with parameters of type QValue
static void ValueConstraint.checkValueConstraints(QPropertyDefinition pd, QValue[] values)
          Tests if the value constraints defined in the property definition pd are satisfied by the the specified values.

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype.compact

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype.compact that return QValue
 QValue QNodeTypeDefinitionsBuilderImpl.QPropertyDefinitionBuilderImpl.createValue(String value, NamePathResolver resolver)
abstract  QValue QNodeTypeDefinitionsBuilder.QPropertyDefinitionBuilder.createValue(String value, NamePathResolver resolver)
          Create a new QValue for value of the type this instance represents using the given resolver.
 QValue[] QNodeTypeDefinitionsBuilder.QPropertyDefinitionBuilder.getDefaultValues()

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype.compact with parameters of type QValue
 void QNodeTypeDefinitionsBuilder.QPropertyDefinitionBuilder.setDefaultValues(QValue[] values)

Uses of QValue in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.value

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.value that return QValue
 QValue[] QValueFactoryImpl.computeAutoValues(QPropertyDefinition propertyDefinition)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(boolean value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(byte[] value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(Calendar value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(double value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(File value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(InputStream value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(long value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(Name value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(Path value)
 QValue QValueFactoryImpl.create(String value, int type)
 QValue QValueValue.getQValue()
          Returns the embedded QValue.
static QValue ValueFormat.getQValue(String jcrValue, int propertyType, NamePathResolver resolver, QValueFactory factory)
static QValue ValueFormat.getQValue(Value jcrValue, NamePathResolver resolver, QValueFactory factory)
static QValue[] ValueFormat.getQValues(Value[] jcrValues, NamePathResolver resolver, QValueFactory factory)

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.value with parameters of type QValue
 Value ValueFactoryQImpl.createValue(QValue qvalue)
          Create a new Value based on an existing QValue
static Value ValueFormat.getJCRValue(QValue qualifiedValue, NamePathResolver resolver, ValueFactory factory)

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.value with parameters of type QValue
QValueValue(QValue qvalue, NamePathResolver resolver)
          Constructs a QValueValue object representing an SPI .

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