Package org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ChildInfoImpl ChildInfoImpl implements a serializable ChildInfo.
EventBundleImpl EventBundleImpl implements a serializable EventBundle.
EventFilterImpl EventFilterImpl is the simple bean style implementation of an EventFilter.
EventImpl EventImpl implements a serializable SPI Event.
ItemInfoImpl ItemInfoImpl is a base class for ItemInfo implementations.
LockInfoImpl LockInfoImpl implements a serializable LockInfo based on another lock info.
NodeInfoImpl NodeInfoImpl implements a serializable NodeInfo based on another node info.
PropertyInfoImpl PropertyInfoImpl implements a serializable PropertyInfo based on another property info.
QItemDefinitionImpl This abstract class implements the QItemDefinition interface and additionally provides setter methods for the various item definition attributes.
QNodeDefinitionImpl QNodeDefinitionImpl implements a QNodeDefinition.
QNodeTypeDefinitionImpl QNodeTypeDefinitionImpl implements a serializable qualified node type definition.
QPropertyDefinitionImpl QPropertyDefinitionImpl implements a qualified property definition.
SerializableBatch SerializableBatch implements a serializable SPI Batch, which simply records all calls and replays them when asked for.
SessionInfoImpl SessionInfoImpl is a searializable bean based implementation of SessionInfo.

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