Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.jcr

Interface Summary
ItemResourceConstants ItemResourceConstants provides constants for any resources representing repository items.

Class Summary
DavLocatorFactoryImpl DavLocatorFactoryImpl...
DavResourceFactoryImpl DavResourceFactoryImpl...
DefaultItemCollection DefaultItemCollection represents a JCR node item.
DefaultItemResource DefaultItemResource represents JCR property item.
JcrDavSession JcrDavSession specific base implementation of the DavSession interface, which simply wraps a Session object.
JcrValueType JcrValueType...
JCRWebdavServerServlet JCRWebdavServerServlet provides request/response handling for the JCRWebdavServer.
RootCollection RootCollection represent the WebDAV root resource that does not represent any repository item.
VersionControlledItemCollection VersionControlledItemCollection represents a JCR node item and covers all functionality related to versioning of Nodes.
WorkspaceResourceImpl WorkspaceResourceImpl...

Exception Summary
JcrDavException JcrDavException extends the DavException in order to wrap various repository exceptions.

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