Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.lock

Interface Summary
ActiveLock ActiveLock encapsulates the lock information for a DavResource.
LockEntry LockEntry...
LockManager The LockManager interface.

Class Summary
AbstractActiveLock AbstractActiveLock...
AbstractLockEntry AbstractLockEntry provides the generic XmlSerializable.toXml(org.w3c.dom.Document) method.
DefaultActiveLock DefaultActiveLock implements the ActiveLock interface and represents an exclusive write lock with a random uuid lock token.
LockDiscovery The LockDiscovery class encapsulates the webdav lock discovery property that is sent in the request body (PROPFIND and LOCK) and received in a LOCK response body.
LockInfo LockInfo is a simple utility class encapsulating the information passed with a LOCK request.
Scope The Scope class abstracts the lock scope as defined by RFC 2518.
SimpleLockManager Simple manager for webdav locks.
SupportedLock The SupportedLock class encapsulates the lock capabilties of a resource.
Type The Type class encapsulates the lock type as defined by RFC 2518.

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