Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.observation

Interface Summary
EventBundle EventBundle defines an empty interface used to represent a bundle of events.
EventType EventType...
ObservationConstants ObservationConstants interface provide constants for request and response headers, Xml elements and property names used for handling observation over WebDAV.
ObservationDavServletRequest ObservationDavServletRequest provides extensions to the DavServletRequest interface used for dealing with observation.
ObservationDavServletResponse ObservationDavServletResponse provides extensions to the DavServletResponse interface used for dealing with observation.
ObservationResource ObservationResource extends the DavResource interface by observation relevant METHODS.
Subscription Subscription represents public representation of the event listener created (or modified) by a successful SUBSCRIBE request.
SubscriptionManager SubscriptionManager interface.

Class Summary
DefaultEventType DefaultEventType defines a simple EventType implementation that only consists of a qualified event name consisting of namespace plus local name.
EventDiscovery EventDiscovery represents the request body of a successfull POLL request.
Filter Filter...
SubscriptionDiscovery SubscriptionDiscovery encapsulates the 'subscriptiondiscovery' property of a webdav resource.
SubscriptionInfo SubscriptionInfo class encapsulates the subscription info that forms the request body of a SUBSCRIBE request.

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