Package org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Interface Summary
ItemFilter ItemFilter

Class Summary
DavResourceImpl DavResourceImpl implements a DavResource.
DavSessionImpl Simple implementation of the DavSession interface.
DavSessionProviderImpl Simple implementation of the DavSessionProvider interface that uses a CredentialsProvider to locate credentials in the request, log into the respository, and provide a DavSession to the request.
DefaultItemFilter DefaultItemFilter...
DeltaVResourceImpl The DeltaVResourceImpl encapsulates the functionality common to all DeltaV compliant resources.
LocatorFactoryImpl ResourceFactoryImpl implements a simple DavLocatorFactory
LocatorFactoryImplEx LocatorFactoryImplEx...
ResourceConfig ResourceConfig...
ResourceFactoryImpl ResourceFactoryImpl implements a simple DavResourceFactory
SimpleWebdavServlet WebdavServlet provides webdav support (level 1 and 2 complient) for repository resources.
VersionControlledResourceImpl VersionControlledResourceImpl represents a JCR node item and covers all functionality related to versioning of Nodes.
VersionHistoryResourceImpl VersionHistoryResourceImpl represents a JCR version history.
VersionResourceImpl VersionResourceImpl represents a JCR version.

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