Interface Summary
AccessControlEntry An AccessControlEntry represents the association of one or more Privilege objects with a specific Principal.
AccessControlList The AccessControlList is an AccessControlPolicy representing a list of access control entries.
AccessControlManager The AccessControlManager object is accessed via javax.jcr.Session#getAccessControlManager().
AccessControlPolicy The AccessControlPolicy is a marker interface for all kind of access control policies.
AccessControlPolicyIterator Allows easy iteration through a list of AccessControlPolicys with nextAccessControlPolicy as well as a skip method inherited from RangeIterator.
NamedAccessControlPolicy An NamedAccessControlPolicy is an opaque access control policy that is described by a JCR name and optionally a description.
Privilege A privilege represents the capability of performing a particular set of operations on items in the JCR repository.

Exception Summary
AccessControlException Exception thrown by access control related methods of AccessControlManager.

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