Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.nodetype

Interface Summary
EffectiveNodeTypeCache EffectiveNodeTypeCache defines the interface for a cache for effective node types.
EffectiveNodeTypeCache.Key An ENTKey uniquely identifies a combination (i.e. an aggregation) of one or more node types.
ItemDef ItemDef is the internal representation of an item definition.
NodeDef NodeDef is the internal representation of a node definition.
NodeTypeRegistryListener The NodeTypeRegistryListener interface allows an implementing object to be informed about node type (un)registration.
PropDef PropDef is the internal representation of a property definition.

Class Summary
BitsetENTCacheImpl Implements an effective node type cache that uses a bit set for storing the information about participating node types in a set.
EffectiveNodeType An EffectiveNodeType represents one or more NodeTypes as one 'effective' node type where inheritance is resolved.
EffectiveNodeTypeCacheImpl EffectiveNodeTypeCache implementation that uses an array of node type names as key for caching the effective node types.
ItemDefImpl This abstract class implements the ItemDef interface and additionally provides setter methods for the various item definition attributes.
NodeDefId NodeDefId uniquely identifies a NodeDef in the node type registry.
NodeDefImpl This class implements the NodeDef interface and additionally provides setter methods for the various node definition attributes.
NodeDefinitionImpl This class implements the NodeDefinition interface.
NodeTypeDef A NodeTypeDef holds the definition of a node type.
NodeTypeDefDiff A NodeTypeDefDiff represents the result of the comparison of two node type definitions.
NodeTypeDefinitionImpl This class implements the NodeTypeDefinition interface.
NodeTypeDefStore NodeTypeDefStore ...
NodeTypeImpl A NodeTypeImpl ...
NodeTypeManagerImpl A NodeTypeManagerImpl implements a session dependant NodeTypeManager.
NodeTypeRegistry A NodeTypeRegistry ...
NodeTypeTemplateImpl A NodeTypeTemplateImpl ...
PropDefId PropDefId serves as identifier for a given PropDef.
PropDefImpl This class implements the PropDef interface and additionally provides setter methods for the various property definition attributes.
PropertyDefinitionImpl This class implements the PropertyDefinition interface.
ValueConstraint ValueConstraint and its subclasses are used to check the syntax of a value constraint and to test if a specific value satisfies it.

Exception Summary
InvalidConstraintException The InvalidConstraintException ...
InvalidNodeTypeDefException The NodeTypeConflictException ...
NodeTypeConflictException The NodeTypeConflictException ...

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