Interface Constraint

All Known Implementing Classes:
AndConstraint, ChildNodeConstraint, ComparisonConstraint, DescendantNodeConstraint, FullTextConstraint, HierarchyConstraint, LikeConstraint, NotConstraint, OrConstraint, PropertyExistenceConstraint, QueryConstraint, SameNodeConstraint, SelectorBasedConstraint

public interface Constraint

Constraint defines an interface for a QOM constraint.

Method Summary
 boolean evaluate(ScoreNode[] row, Name[] selectorNames, EvaluationContext context)
          Evaluates this constraint for the given row.

Method Detail


boolean evaluate(ScoreNode[] row,
                 Name[] selectorNames,
                 EvaluationContext context)
                 throws IOException
Evaluates this constraint for the given row.

row - the current row of score nodes.
selectorNames - the selector names associated with row.
context - the evaluation context.
true if the row satisfies the constraint, false otherwise.
IOException - if an error occurs while evaluating the constraint.

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