Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.constraint

Interface Summary
Constraint Constraint defines an interface for a QOM constraint.
EvaluationContext EvaluationContext defines a context with various resources that are needed for constraint evaluation.

Class Summary
AndConstraint AndConstraint implements an AND constraint.
ChildNodeConstraint ChildNodeConstraint implements a child node constraint.
ComparisonConstraint ComparisonConstraint implements a comparison constraint.
ConstraintBuilder ConstraintBuilder builds a Constraint from a tree of QOM constraints.
DescendantNodeConstraint DescendantNodeConstraint implements a descendant node constraint.
DynamicOperand DynamicOperand is a base class for dynamic operands.
FullTextConstraint FullTextConstraint implements a full text search constraint.
HierarchyConstraint HierarchyConstraint is a base class for hierarchy related constraints.
LengthOperand LengthOperand implements a length operand.
LikeConstraint LikeConstraint implements a like constraint.
LowerCaseOperand LowerCaseOperand implements a lower case operand.
NodeLocalNameOperand NodeLocalNameOperand implements a node local name operand.
NodeNameOperand NodeNameOperand implements a node name operand.
NotConstraint NotConstraint implements a NOT constraint.
OrConstraint OrConstraint implements an OR constraint.
PropertyExistenceConstraint PropertyExistenceConstraint implements a property existence constraint.
PropertyValueOperand PropertyValueOperand implements a property value operand.
QueryConstraint QueryConstraint implements a constraint that is based on a lucene query.
SameNodeConstraint SameNodeConstraint implements a same node constraint.
SelectorBasedConstraint SelectorBasedConstraint implements a constraint that is based on a named selector.
UpperCaseOperand UpperCaseOperand implements an upper case operand.

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