Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.join

Interface Summary
Condition Condition defines an interface for a join condition.

Class Summary
AbstractCondition AbstractCondition is a base class for join conditions.
AncestorNodeJoin AncestorNodeJoin implements an ancestor node join condition.
AncestorPathNodeJoin AncestorPathNodeJoin implements an ancestor path node join condition.
ChildNodeJoin ChildNodeJoin implements a child node join condition.
DescendantNodeJoin DescendantNodeJoin implements a descendant node join condition.
DescendantPathNodeJoin DescendantPathNodeJoin implements a descendant path node join condition.
EquiJoin EquiJoin implements an equi join condition.
Join Join implements the result of a join.
ParentNodeJoin ParentNodeJoin implements a parent node join condition.
SameNodeJoin SameNodeJoin implements a same node join condition.
ScoreNodeMap ScoreNodeMap implements a simple mapping of an arbitrary key to an array of ScoreNode[].

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