Interface Summary
AuthContext An authentication context used to authenticate users.
Authentication The Authentication interface defines methods to validate Credentials upon authentication.

Class Summary
AbstractLoginModule AbstractLoginModule provides the means for the common authentication tasks within the Repository.
AuthContextProvider A AuthContextProvider selects how the current request for login is handled.
CallbackHandlerImpl CallbackHandler that deals with the following callbacks: NameCallback PasswordCallback CredentialsCallback ImpersonationCallback RepositoryCallback
CredentialsCallback A CredentialsCallback
CryptedSimpleCredentials Crypted variant of the SimpleCredentials.
DefaultLoginModule The DefaultLoginModule authenticates Credentials related to a User of the Repository
In any other case it is marked to be ignored.
ImpersonationCallback Callback for a CallbackHandler to ask for a the impersonating Subject to create a Session to access the Repository.
JAASAuthContext Implements the common AuthContext interface for the JAAS environment.
LocalAuthContext Provide AuthContext interface, for a JAAS-LoginModule not running in a LoginContext
RepositoryCallback Callback for a CallbackHandler to ask for a Session to access the Repository

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