Interface Summary
AccessControlConstants AccessControlConstants...
AccessControlEditor AccessControlEditor is used to edit the access control policy and entry objects provided by the respective service.
AccessControlProvider The AccessControlProvider is used to provide access control policy and entry objects that apply to an item in a single workspace.
AccessControlProviderFactory The AccessControlProviderFactory is used to create AccessControlProviders for the various workspaces present in the repository.
AccessControlUtils AccessControlUtils...
CompiledPermissions CompiledPermissions represents the evaluation of an AccessControlPolicy that applies for a given set of Principals (normally obtained from the Subject of a Session).
JackrabbitAccessControlEntry JackrabbitAccessControlEntry is a Jackrabbit specific extension of the AccessControlEntry interface.
JackrabbitAccessControlList JackrabbitAccessControlList is an extension of the AccessControlList.
JackrabbitAccessControlPolicy JackrabbitAccessControlPolicy is an extension of the AccessControlPolicy that exposes the path of the Node to which it can be applied using AccessControlManager.setPolicy(String,
WorkspaceAccessManager The WorkspaceAccessManager is responsible for workspace access.

Class Summary
AbstractAccessControlProvider AbstractAccessControlProvider...
AbstractCompiledPermissions AbstractCompiledPermissions...
AccessControlEntryImpl Simple, immutable implementation of the AccessControlEntry and the JackrabbitAccessControlEntry interfaces.
AccessControlEntryIterator AccessControlEntryIterator...
AccessControlProviderFactoryImpl Default implementation of the AccessControlProviderFactory
NamedAccessControlPolicyImpl NamedAccessControlPolicyImpl...
Permission Permission...
PrivilegeRegistry The PrivilegeRegistry defines the set of Privileges known to the repository.
UnmodifiableAccessControlList An implementation of the AccessControlList interface that only allows for reading.

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