Interface Summary
AccessManager The AccessManager can be queried to determines whether privileges are granted on a specific item.
JackrabbitAccessControlManager JackrabbitAccessControlManager...
JackrabbitSecurityManager JackrabbitSecurityManager...
SecurityConstants This interface defines miscellaneous security related constants.

Class Summary
AbstractAccessControlManager AbstractAccessControlManager...
AccessControlPolicyIteratorAdapter Adapter class for turning RangeIterators or Iterators into AccessControlPolicyIteratorAdapters.
AMContext An AMContext is used to provide Session specific context information for an AccessManager.
AnonymousPrincipal A AnonymousPrincipal ...
AuthContext Deprecated. Use AuthContext instead.
AuthContext.JAAS Deprecated. Use JAASAuthContext instead
AuthContext.Local Deprecated. Use LocalAuthContext instead.
CredentialsCallback Deprecated. Use CredentialsCallback instead.
CredentialsCallbackHandler Deprecated. Use CallbackHandlerImpl instead.
DefaultAccessManager The DefaultAccessManager controls access by evaluating access control policies for the Subject attached to the Session this manager has been built for.
SimpleAccessManager Deprecated. Use SimpleAccessManager instead.
SimpleJBossAccessManager The simple JBoss access manager is a specialized Access Manager to handle Authorization of individuals authenticated through JBoss login modules.
SimpleLoginModule Deprecated. Use SimpleLoginModule instead.
SystemPrincipal A SystemPrincipal ...
UserPrincipal A UserPrincipal ...

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