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static void QName.checkFormat(String jcrName)
          Deprecated. Use NameFormat.checkFormat(String) instead.
static void NameFormat.checkFormat(String jcrName)
          Deprecated. Checks if jcrName is a valid JCR-style name.
static QName QName.fromJCRName(String rawName, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Use NameFormat.parse(String, NamespaceResolver) instead.
 QName NamespaceResolver.getQName(String jcrName)
          Deprecated. use NameFormat.parse(String, NamespaceResolver) instead.
 QName AbstractNamespaceResolver.getQName(String jcrName)
          Deprecated. use NameFormat.parse(String, NamespaceResolver) instead.
static QName[] NameFormat.parse(String[] jcrNames, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Converts each JCR-style name in the passed array to its corresponding QName and returns the resulting QName array.
static QName NameFormat.parse(String jcrName, NamespaceResolver resolver)
          Deprecated. Converts the jcrName to its corresponding QName.

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