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Packages that use ImportContext The jackrabbit webdav server uses the classes defined in this package in order to perform import and export operations in order to respond to PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH and PROPFIND, GET, HEAD requests, respectively. 

Uses of ImportContext in

Classes in that implement ImportContext
 class ImportContextImpl

Methods in with parameters of type ImportContext
 boolean ZipHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean XmlHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean VersionHistoryHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean VersionHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Returns true, if this handler can run a successful import based on the specified context.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isFolder)
          Always returns false
 boolean DefaultHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean VersionHistoryHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean VersionHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Returns true, if this handler can run a successful import based on the specified context and resource.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Always returns false
 boolean DefaultHandler.canImport(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
protected  Node DefaultHandler.getContentNode(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Retrieves/creates the node that will be used to import properties and data.
 boolean VersionHistoryHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean VersionHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOManagerImpl.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean IOManager.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Passes the specified context and boolean value to the IOHandlers present on this manager.
 boolean IOHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Runs the import for the given context and indicates by a boolean return value, if the import could be completed successfully.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
          Does nothing and returns false
 boolean DefaultHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection)
 boolean VersionHistoryHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean VersionHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOManagerImpl.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
 boolean IOManager.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Passes the specified information to the IOHandlers present on this manager.
 boolean IOHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Runs the import for the given context and resource.
 boolean DirListingExportHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
          Does nothing and returns false
 boolean DefaultHandler.importContent(ImportContext context, DavResource resource)
protected  boolean ZipHandler.importData(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  boolean XmlHandler.importData(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  boolean DefaultHandler.importData(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
          Imports the data present on the import context to the specified content node.
protected  boolean XmlHandler.importProperties(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
protected  boolean DefaultHandler.importProperties(ImportContext context, boolean isCollection, Node contentNode)
          Imports the properties present on the specified context to the content node.

Uses of ImportContext in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that return ImportContext
protected  ImportContext DavResourceImpl.getImportContext(InputContext inputCtx, String systemId)
          Returns a new ImportContext

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