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Packages that use MimeResolver The jackrabbit webdav server uses the classes defined in this package in order to perform import and export operations in order to respond to PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH and PROPFIND, GET, HEAD requests, respectively. 

Uses of MimeResolver in

Fields in declared as MimeResolver
static MimeResolver IOUtil.MIME_RESOLVER
          MimeType resolver used to retrieve the mimetype if no content type is available during import.

Methods in that return MimeResolver
 MimeResolver ImportContextImpl.getMimeResolver()
 MimeResolver ImportContext.getMimeResolver()
          Return the MimeResolver defined for this import context.
 MimeResolver ExportContext.getMimeResolver()
          Return the MimeResolver defined for this export context.
 MimeResolver AbstractExportContext.getMimeResolver()

Constructors in with parameters of type MimeResolver
AbstractExportContext(Item exportRoot, boolean hasStream, IOListener ioListener, MimeResolver mimeResolver)
ExportContextImpl(Item exportRoot, OutputContext outputCtx, MimeResolver mimeResolver)
ImportContextImpl(Item importRoot, String systemId, InputContext inputCtx, MimeResolver mimeResolver)
          Creates a new item import context with the given root item and the specified InputContext.
ImportContextImpl(Item importRoot, String systemId, InputStream in, IOListener ioListener, MimeResolver mimeResolver)
          Creates a new item import context.

Uses of MimeResolver in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that return MimeResolver
 MimeResolver ResourceConfig.getMimeResolver()

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